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Transforming  schools to enhance  THE LIVES OF CHILDREN, families,  SOCIETY,  and OUR PLANET

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We invite you to peruse the content of this website with the recognition it may present a very  different paradigm concerning schools and child-raising, than you have ever considered. We'll start by exploring the enculturation processes that existed for 99.997% of human history prior to the implementation of "grade"-schooling.   We'll investigate the rational used  during the first half of the  20th century, for replacing historic mixed-age educational formats (common to one-room school houses), with the "grade"-schools of today.  We'll examine with 'new eyes' the reality of today's institutionalized enculturation process, and its far-reaching consequences on children, the world at large, and upon ourselves.  Most importantly, we'll seek out innovative ways of incorporating  'humanizing' enculturation mechanisms  into our schools, child-raising practices, and  communities, that are fully compatible with children's inherent human nature. Finally, with the recognition that most of us suffered from the effects of a dehumanizing institutional upbringing, we'll explore how we might heal and 're-humanize' ourselves and others such that we might more fully express our inherent human nature. 

"Enculturation:  the process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values. (Merriam-Webster)

​​​​​The mission of NRC is to start a conversation that might lead to the transformation of modern child-raising;  so that schools, parenting practices, and communities might incorporate  essential socializing elements that support  inherent human nature. 

 “Naturally Raised Children” (NRC) presumes that children are evolutionarily hard-wired to successfully achieve enculturation within mixed-age social habitats; and that age-segregation - implicit in modern schooling - thwarts the development of inherent human nature;  to the detriment of individuals across their lifespans,  the institutions of family and community, and to society as a whole.

It's just never occurred to most of the  folks I’ve talked with over the years  (including educators, social scientists,  parents and practically everyone else);  that separating very young kids into same-age peer groupings for the duration of their childhoods - is an odd way to raise children.  Furthermore, effectively isolating children throughout their formative years from community members  of  all other ages, is not only unnatural to the human condition, but might be downright harmful to children’s developing psyches, relationships with their families, and  to the world we live in.

Disclaimer:  NRC's effort to transform the social dynamics within today's schools should not be viewed as an attack on public schooling, teachers and those who work in educational settings.  Nor does NRC advocate for a return to some sort of  pre-industrial or pre-technological world.

Do you have pictures of mixed-age groups of children, one-room schools, tribal groupings, and/or group photos of same-age kids?  We'd love to have them for our slideshow

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 Our names are Alan Phillips and Ronda Trujillo. We are  both seasoned educators.  Our mission is to start a conversation amongst folks who can make a difference in  "re-humanizing" schools based on historical enculturation essentials.


The philosophy behind Naturally Raised Kids  originated from  observations of mixed-age groups of children in a  program called Adventure Weekend.  The  children aged 2-12 behaved radically different within an age-integrated social setting.  Learn how this experience gave rise to the notion of Naturally Raised Kids

​Throughout human history, age-inclusive social habitats provided natural enculturation formats which were in alignment with children’s inherent human nature and developmental needs. Modern “grade schools” effectively isolate children from all other ages, creating an institutionalized enculturation experience that is out of synch with children’s inherent nature and developmental needs. 

​The  catastrophic results can be mitigated by re-humanizing schools, using models from the past.